Whenever I hear songs blasting from my Itunes, it somehow makes me think of you. I haven’t been thinking of you lately to be honest. I haven’t been thinking of anything of Singapore or anything. I miss my friends down there definitely, but somehow, I’m just not missing you lately…. until now.

These are times, I wish I had someone like you to talk to, anything under the sun. I wish I had someone like you to cheer me on, to make me smile and etc.

Sigh, I feel moody today 😦


I realized that this half of the year, I have been going out A LOT. Countless number of random outings with the two guy friends and the girl friends. Countless hours of HTHT-ing (and somehow, we can never stop HTHT-ing) and many more. I don’t know how am I gonna adjust to living more in PGP after this semester and I’m rather scared actually. Because none of my friends live in school (except for one, who lives really close by), and yeah, I can’t stay in PGP much because none of them are there and yeah =(

Hopefully, the transition of the next few months would be smooth as I foresee many stuff to attend to and yeah, another outing with the lovely friends , which I am also scared cause I need to apply leave for the trip. Hopefully all things goes well! *fingers crossed 🙂


May 14, 2010

The blog has been left to rot for the past month and surprisingly, I do not feel bad about it. I have been hiding in the library for the month of April, devoting myself to the love of books and Economics. I have been running up and down and about Singapore after the exams ended and the feeling of holidays has not exactly sunk into me yet partly because I felt this whole semester was like a holiday.

I have another busy month ahead and a couple more months ahead. The blog might just eventually die off unless, I get my big fat butt back into typing some dandy fancy post up every day or two. We’ll see. For now, I’ll try…

In short, for the month of May. I will be in Malaysia! And the rest of the year back in Singapore (:

awesome lyrics. super cute 😀

Suddenly my blog is in a semi-active mode again.

I’m feeling really tense these few days as exams are just around the corner and preparations are not really that good actually. I’m worried, I’m scared and I don’t need extra distraction and problems to disturb me right now.

On the other hand, I really am excited for the exams to end 🙂

Flying Without Wings

April 15, 2010


The finals are drawing closer and I feel a little too laid back. I am worried about the academics this semester but I can’t seem to find my motivation this time around. I need to look for it quick. Before time runs out. I have been pressuring myself to put more hours into studying but the level of productivity has not been what I had in mind. Maybe I am overestimating myself.

I think I should not throw myself a long to do list in a day. Its freaking scary. and now, Im gonna draft my schedule up to study for the finals.